Welcome to WEA Eastern!

2023-2024 School Year

Dear Member:

Congratulations on your recent hire in one of our local associations! Welcome to the WEA-Eastern UniServ Council region as well. Your involvement in one of the largest, unified unions in the country is about to commence.

The Mission of WEA Eastern Washington is to advocate, organize, and advance member interests and equity in public education through collective bargaining, activism, and professional development.

I was recently reminded “It’s the U and I in UNION that makes us STRONG” – on the back of a T-shirt no less! Where do you see YOU in the union – whether an early, mid, or seasoned education professional?

Membership support benefits include:

  • Involvement and leadership – Know your contract, become a Building Representative, serve on a local committee (grievance or bargaining for example), or an Officer of your local and/or state level association.
  • Professional Development and trainings – the very BEST PD and VALUE provided BY educators from early career educators like TPEP, to a National Board cohort, cultural responsiveness, equity education, implicit bias training, bargaining support, and even retirement guidance throughout the stages of your educational career.
  • Regional, State and National Knowledge – Attend your local and/or regional Council meetings to be ‘In the Know’ and represent your interests at ALL levels of our organization.

We are honored that you choose to join WEA with a powerful voice focused on providing the strongest public education for ALL students, staff, and communities. Your union membership helps achieve union power, resulting in successful recognition within the Washington State Constitution, which stipulates our number one responsibility is to “amply” fund our schools – which could not have happened without our members involvement. Our union goals will always promote ideas which allow our state to: attract and retain the best and brightest educators into our public schools, fight for equity and social justice for ALL, keep our students and schools safe, and provide a world class education for our students.

Your union membership helps build our union power! Thank you for your involvement…as together You and I are #WEA Strong!

Please take a moment to like our WEA-Eastern Washington Facebook page and download the We Are WEA app to your device(s).


Audra Shaw

Council President