Welcome to WEA Eastern!

2021-2022 School Year

Dear New Member:

Congratulations on becoming a new hire in your local association!  And welcome to WEA-Eastern, your UniServ Council.  You have joined one of the largest, most unified unions in the country.

WEA-Eastern is a very large, diverse council composed of more than 4,600 members and over 70 local associations.  Approximately half our membership comes from large-to-medium size locals and the other half comes from small, tightly knit, rural locals.  WEA-Eastern works very hard to promote, protect and provide great support to all our members, no matter where they work.  

The Mission of WEA Eastern Washington is to advocate, organize, and advance member interests and equity in public education through collective bargaining, activism, and professional development.

This mission statement guides our UniServ work, every single day.  You can count on WEA to provide our members with the best professional development training around.  We are also very proud of the support and training we provide our local leaders as they negotiate the best contract, working conditions, and salaries for their members.  Our #1 goal this year is all about Health & SAFETY.  Safety for our education professionals, our students, and our communities.  

We are honored that you chose to join WEA and now you will be another powerful voice that focuses on the best education public schools can provide.  Our successes around the Washington State constitution, which stipulates our number one responsibility is to “Amply” fund our schools, could not have happened without our members involvement.  Our union goals will always promote ideas that allow our state to: attract and retain the best and brightest educators into our public schools, fight for equity and social justice for ALL, keep our students and schools safe, and provide a world class education for our students.  

Your union membership helps build our union power!  Thank you for joining us…Together WE Are #WEAStrong! 

Please take a moment and like our WEA-Eastern Washington Facebook page and download the We Are WEA app to your phone.


Vicky Jensen, Council President
(509) 324-2156